The new normal for offices. COVID-19 is changing the way we work, forever. Are you ready for Plan C?

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25th May 2020

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Today’s work environment is unprecedented. We’re all trying to work in the midst of a crisis and it’s anything but, business as usual. Change will be a constant theme in the workplace for the foreseeable future. And those changes will be different from person to person and from business to business. Many companies might have a Plan B for short-term flexible working, but what happens when even that plan has to change in future?

Another vital consideration is how to plan for our teams returning to the workplace. The WHO cites businesses and employers play a vital role in helping to control the spread of COVID-19. So how will you ensure the safety of staff, clients and customers moving forward? Especially when recommendations and guidelines seem to keep changing? That’s where you need an agile partner who is ready to adapt as needed, help anticipate the challenges, and plan for the unplannable.

That’s why we have developed Plan C.

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What is Plan C?

Plan C is our tailored guide of products and solutions designed to help you prepare for a safe return to work. Whatever industry or space you work in, we’re ready to guide you through the challenges and plan for the future that no-one planned for. Plan C uses three main pillars developed according to international guidelines to help you develop a safe, clean and connected work environment for your team and customers.

A new normal for where you create

  • The workspace requires measures that change the behaviour of your employees and customers to achieve social distancing. This may include phased working hours and physical distancing reminders to secure their safety, such as protection screens, floor stickers and signage
  • Hygiene is one of the most important factors within your workspace. Disinfectants, hand sanitisers and freestanding dispensers should be available and highly visible to encourage use

Meeting Space
A new normal for where you connect, collaborate, and work together

  • You can help your employees and customers navigate to meeting spaces safely using social distancing floor stickers and signs. This is essential to manage the routing especially in areas like elevators, stairs and hallways
  • As face-to-face meetings will phase back into place, we need to prepare our meeting rooms for safe conversations; for example, through protection screens and signage
  • As with workspace, hygiene is of the utmost importance in the meeting spaces and disinfectants and hand sanitisers need to be readily available to make sure your employees and customers can freely move within these areas.

A new normal for where you refresh

  • The washroom is a complex, often small, area to secure the proper distance between people. Signage to support behavioural change, floor spacing and routing, help staff and customers stay safe
  • Ensuring that the hygiene basics are followed in your washroom impacts your efforts across all other environments. The correct use of soap, hand towels, and minimized touch of doors and faucets make all the difference

A new normal for where you renew and re-energise

  • The routing in the breakrooms is essential to provide employees and customers with a safe space to relax and reenergize while having a coffee, lunch or dinner. Safe spacing floor stickers, signage, along with hanging or standing protection screens are products we all need to get used to
  • You may think about introducing an app so that colleagues and customers can schedule their visits to avoid queues or even pay online for pre-packaged meals ready for pick up
  • Hygiene in these communal spaces is of utmost importance, as such disinfectants, sprays, wipes, hand towels, hand sanitisers and free-standing dispensers are a must

Personal Space
A new normal for working from home

  • We also must not forget the workspace at home. Employers benefit ensuring staff remains connected and productive and the right ergonomic furniture, office supplies, and technology are essential to achieve this

Keeping your team connected in the new way of working is essential. Make use of the exciting wave of digitalisation and experiment with new ways to interact, from digital coffee breaks and town halls to software such as Teams and Zoom to keep in touch and stimulate employee engagement.

With Plan C we will help you and your spaces be ready for what happens next in the new normal. Together, we’ll ensure that your space works, so that everything works.

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[1] Further WHO guidance can be found here
[2] Further detail can be found here

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