Meet our Back to School vlogger: Saffron Barker

23rd November 2016

1 minuted

As the summer holidays draw to a close, you’ll have one thing firmly on your mind – going back to school. And so you should as you’ll want to swat up on few things if you are going to be fully prepared for your first day.

With the help of your friends and family you’ll be thinking about whether your uniform is ready to go, if you have all the equipment for your packed lunches and work out what time you need to will want to give some thought to your school supplies for the year ahead.

Having the right equipment will help you hit the ground running and make inroads into your studies early in the year. Buying that calculator for maths or purchasing colouring pencils for art class before you head back to school can pave the way for a successful academic year.

Get prepared for going back to school

With her bubbly personality and laugh-out-loud videos, we’ve joined forces with YouTube star Saffron Barker to show you how easy it is to get prepared for the school year ahead. You can find out what the start of a new term means to this presenter-come-actress in her video where she also reveals how she gets herself 100% ready for school.

Saffron, who is 15 years old, has over 175,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 200,000 social media followers. She brings her distinctive delivery style to the screen to engage with her audience, and it’s made her an internet success.

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