4 Things You Need to Keep Your Home Office Clean and Hygienic

30th November 2020

20 seconds. Have you ever thought about what you might achieve in 20 seconds? 20 squats? Counting to 20 in a foreign language? Or perhaps, humming the chorus of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton? And why do you need to think about this period of time? It’s the time required to wash your hands properly of course! This is the number one priority on the list of 4 things you need to keep your home office clean and hygienic.

1. Hand Disinfection

Hand washing and hand disinfection occupy the first position in the list of 4 things you need to keep your home office clean and hygienic. It’s the most important factor protecting us from getting sick from COVID-19 and other viruses. It’s surprising how little we know about washing our hands, and how many people don’t do it properly!

The World Health Organisation are currently doing their best to ensure us that this trivial activity is of such great importance in the virus resistance process. If we can do such a little thing so easily, then why not do it? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you should remember to scrub the backs of your hands, under your nails and between your fingers.

If you can’t use soap and water, use a hand sanitiser for hand disinfection. Before using it, read the instruction as each liquid may require a different time period for scrubbing – it’s not enough to just  sprinkle your hands – sanitisers aren’t a magical potion for getting rid of viruses! Count to 20 and scrub away. If you want to choose an effective sanitiser, buy the one enriched with Aloe Vera – it will protect your skin from extreme dryness.

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2. Surface Disinfection

If you were to answer the question as to which was the dirtiest surface in your home, which one would you choose? Toilet seat? Fridge? Sink? You may be surprised to learn that your computer keyboard and smartphone have many more germs than a toilet seat!

As the new virus has been proven to live on plastic surfaces for up to three days, taking care of office surface disinfection is of equal importance to hand disinfection. You may use a disinfectant sanitiser – an all-purpose liquid which kills 99% of the bacteria on your desk, keyboard, mouse, or phone. Choose one which may be safely used on the exterior of the appliance. A faster idea are sanitiser wipes, which may be used for both your hands and for other office surface disinfection.

3. Office Disinfection

Your home office is probably not as crowded as the traditional one, where you may meet your coworkers and customers. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the space doesn’t require cleaning and disinfection. We all need to leave our homes from time to time and we return home with the bacteria which is all around us. With all disinfecting liquids, you may clean almost everything.

However, don’t forget that bacteria are necessary in life to build up our immunity. If you conduct complete office disinfection, thereby getting rid of all of the bacteria from your home, you may be sure that next time you go outside, you will catch a cold or flu quickly. Destroying natural bacterial flora is harmful to our bodies (this concerns your hands too –  limit  hand washing to situations where your hands are dirty or where you might have had some contact with  bacteria).

As the virus can survive in the air for 3 hours, think about purchasing an air sanitiser which removes germs from the air. Fresher air will also help you to work more efficiently.

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4. Office Cleaning Guidelines

How should you disinfect your office without overdoing it? Follow these office cleaning guides and you will be fine. If you only clean your home office once in a blue moon, then it’s a pointless activity. Follow a regular cleaning schedule and clean your desk, keyboard and all of the surfaces that you have touched during your working hours at the end of each day. Don’t leave clutter on your desk – not only will a tidy desk be less irritating to look at but it will also be easier to disinfect it effectively. To help this, desk organisers can ensure you have a well look after workspace.

Working remotely may encourage us to eat at our desks. Avoid this situation, both for reasons of hygiene and mental health (a relaxed body is less vulnerable to infection). If there are any leftovers, don’t leave them until tomorrow!

Take care of the quality of the air in your home, not only by using an air sanitiser but also by simply opening your windows and letting some fresh air in. Spending 8 hours in the same room and breathing the same air surely won’t prevent you from becoming ill.

These are the 4 most important things you will need to keep your home office clean and hygienic.

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