Meet our Back to School vlogger: Jake Mitchell

30th June 2016

1 minute

Going back to school after the summer holidays might be the last thing on your mind right now, but being fully prepared for the big return is the best way to avoid any stress. Sure when it comes to your school bag and pencil case you might think you’ve got the new school term covered from last year, but first ask yourself this: Are you really 100% ready?

Don’t forget there are a whole host of things to take into consideration, from getting back into a school routine so that your first day back goes swimmingly to making sure your uniform is cleaned, ironed and ready. But arguably the most important factor is ensuring you have all the necessary equipment to hit the ground running. Writing pads for English lessons, a protractor for maths and a set of pencils for art are all must-haves.

Top tips on back to school essentials

We’ve enlisted the help of YouTube vlogging sensation Jake Mitchell to offer his top tips on everything you need to be ready for the new term. With over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and more than half a million social media followers, this cheeky chappy certainly knows how to keep his fans entertained and will make getting prepped for the new school year all the more fun.

Jake first rose to fame at the age of 13 on his YouTube channel, and has first-hand experience of what it’s like getting ready for the first day back at school. Check out Jake’s video and discover his take on what you’ll need for the start of the new school term.

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