Wave Goodbye to Ocean Plastic: Hamelin’s Deep Dive into Sustainability

While the Oceanis brand might be the first name that comes to mind when considering Hamelin’s sustainability efforts, this leading office supply company demonstrates a far-reaching commitment that extends far beyond a single product line. Their goal is nothing short of turning the tide on ocean plastic pollution and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The Oceanis brand serves as a powerful symbol of Hamelin’s commitment to sustainability. It’s not just a single product line, but rather a tangible embodiment of their philosophy of giving new life to waste materials and minimizing environmental impact. Oceanis offers a range of office supplies, including notebooks, sorters, filing boxes, and diaries, all made from recycled maritime plastic. This plastic originates from discarded fishing gear, ropes, and nets, which are collected and transformed into high-quality materials for Oceanis products.

By choosing Oceanis, consumers are actively contributing to reducing plastic pollution in our oceans. The brand raises awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste on marine ecosystems and empowers individuals to make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions. Importantly, Oceanis products are not just eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing and functional, demonstrating that sustainability doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality or design.

The success of the Oceanis brand highlights Hamelin’s ability to translate their sustainability principles into tangible products that resonate with consumers. It serves as a springboard for their continued efforts to explore innovative solutions and materials, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet.

Moving Beyond Offsetting: Addressing the Root Cause

Unlike some companies that solely rely on carbon offsetting, Hamelin takes a proactive approach. They acknowledge that simply buying carbon credits doesn’t address the root cause of the problem – excessive resource consumption and environmental pollution. Instead, they focus on strategies that directly minimize their environmental footprint:

Embracing renewable and recyclable resources is a cornerstone of their philosophy. This is exemplified by the Oceanis brand, which uses recycled maritime plastic to give waste materials a second life. It also extends to their commitment to responsible sourcing and minimizing resource depletion across their entire product portfolio. For instance, 85% of their production sites are certified by ISO 14001, an international standard that demonstrates their dedication to environmental management. This certification ensures they continuously improve their environmental performance, identify and manage their environmental impacts, and comply with relevant regulations.

Responsible Sourcing: Protecting Forests and Minimizing Waste

Hamelin actively collaborates with their suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain. This focus ensures that materials like the recycled plastic used in Oceanis products are obtained sustainably and ethically.

They work closely with paper suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring responsible forest management and minimizing deforestation. Contrary to popular belief, the European paper industry, which supplies a significant portion of Hamelin’s paper, has actually seen a 58,000 m2 increase in forest area between 2005 and 2020. This is an area larger than Switzerland! By collaborating with responsible paper suppliers, Hamelin helps to ensure the continued health and sustainability of forests, a crucial step in protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

Hamelin is exploring alternative plastics for their products, including recyclable, bio sourced, and biodegradable options. This reduces their reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based plastics and aligns with the Oceanis brand’s commitment to using recycled and sustainable materials. By exploring these alternatives, Hamelin contributes to the development and adoption of more environmentally friendly materials across the industry, ultimately leading to less plastic pollution ending up in our oceans.

Beyond Products: Eco-design, Responsible Packaging, and Operational Efficiency

Hamelin champions eco-design principles to ensure that all new products, not just the Oceanis range, are designed with minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This approach encompasses several key aspects:

They strive to use less material in their products wherever possible, reducing their overall environmental footprint. This can involve using lighter materials, minimizing packaging, and designing products for multiple uses.

The Oceanis brand exemplifies this principle by using recycled maritime plastic, but Hamelin is also exploring incorporating recycled materials into other product lines. By prioritizing recycled materials, they reduce their reliance on virgin resources and help to close the loop in the circular economy. This not only conserves natural resources but also minimizes waste generation and the associated environmental burdens.

Hamelin is also committed to reducing and redesigning packaging across their entire product portfolio. They aim to eliminate single-use plastics wherever possible, a goal that aligns perfectly with the Oceanis brand’s focus on minimizing waste and maximizing resource use. By minimizing packaging, they reduce the number of materials used and waste generated, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Beyond Ocean Plastic: Oxford Touareg Notebooks Champion Sustainable Forestry

Standing in contrast to the Oceanis line’s focus on recycled ocean plastic, Oxford’s Touareg notebooks champion a different aspect of sustainability: responsible forestry practices. Their signature Optik Paper, made from 100% recycled materials, isn’t just eco-friendly – it’s also designed for performance. The high-quality paper offers a smooth writing experience that resists ink bleed-through, even with heavy use of pens or highlighters. This ensures your notes and thoughts stay crisp and clear, no matter how fast your ideas flow.

The kraft covers, crafted from recycled cardboard, are more than just an aesthetic choice. They offer surprising durability, protecting your notes while remaining lightweight and comfortable to carry. The simple and sleek design comes in a range of natural and modern colours, allowing you to express your personality or match your notebook to a specific project.

Touareg notebooks come in both ruled and squared formats, catering to different note-taking styles. Whether you prefer the structure of lines or the freedom of grids, there’s a Touareg notebook ideal for you. Additionally, the A5 and A4 size options provide flexibility depending on your needs. Whether you’re a student meticulously recording lectures, a busy professional tackling brainstorming session, or an artist sketching ideas on the go, there’s a Touareg notebook perfectly suited for you. By choosing Touareg, you’re not just getting a high-quality writing experience – you’re making a conscious statement about environmental responsibility. You’re supporting a brand committed to sustainable practices and helping to ensure healthy forests for generations to come.

Farewell to Landfill, Hello Recycled Notes: Hamelin’s My Rec’Up Notebooks

While recycled paper notebooks might seem commonplace these days, Hamelin’s innovative My Rec’Up range takes eco-consciousness to a whole new level.  These notebooks aren’t just kind to the environment, they’re crafted with a surprising twist – recycled paper coffee cups!

Imagine capturing your thoughts on paper that once cradled a steaming cup of joe.  My Rec’Up notebooks boast covers made with a remarkable 20% recycled paper coffee cups.  This ingenious approach grants a second life to disposable items, diverting them from overflowing landfills and transforming them into something beautiful and useful.  The remaining 80% of the cover is crafted from other recycled cardboard, further solidifying Hamelin’s commitment to sustainability.

But don’t be fooled by the recycled nature of the cover – My Rec’Up notebooks are built to perform.  The interior boasts 100% recycled Optik Paper, offering a smooth writing experience that won’t snag or disappoint.  Optik Paper excels in opacity too, preventing ink bleed-through and keeping your notes crisp and clear, no matter how fast your pen flies across the page.

Available in a spectrum of 6 calming, natural colours, My Rec’Up notebooks cater to a variety of styles and needs.  Whether you’re a student jotting down lecture notes, a budding artist sketching your next masterpiece, or a busy professional tackling brainstorming sessions, My Rec’Up notebooks are the perfect eco-friendly companion.

Owning a My Rec’Up notebook is more than just writing on recycled paper – it’s a statement.  By choosing this range, you’re actively contributing to a cleaner planet, one recycled page at a time.  So, ditch the guilt and embrace sustainability – with My Rec’Up notebooks, taking notes has never felt so good for the environment.

Beyond Product Design and Packaging, Hamelin is Dedicated to Operational Efficiency

They actively work to reduce energy consumption in their facilities by 26% by 2030, including their production plants and offices. This can involve implementing energy-efficient technologies, optimizing production processes, and raising awareness among employees about energy conservation. By reducing their energy consumption, Hamelin lowers their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment and combatting climate change, a major factor in ocean plastic pollution.

Hamelin is also committed to increasing the use of renewable energy sources in their operations. This can involve investing in renewable energy projects like solar or wind power, purchasing renewable energy from the grid, or collaborating with energy providers to develop innovative solutions. By increasing their reliance on renewable energy sources, they help to reduce their dependence on non-renewable sources and minimize their overall environmental impact.

Hamelin’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the Oceanis brand. Their comprehensive approach encompasses responsible sourcing, eco-design principles, operational efficiency, and a commitment to renewable energy. By prioritizing genuine emission reduction, minimizing waste, and maximizing resource use, Hamelin aims to wave goodbye to ocean plastic and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come. Their efforts serve as an inspiring example for other companies, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and business success can go hand in hand. In choosing Hamelin and Oceanis products, consumers are not just purchasing office supplies, they are making a conscious choice for a more sustainable future.

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